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Why Waddle?

It's not just how penguins walk!

Here is our story..

Have you ever watched David Attenborough on a Sunday evening? If so, you should be more than familiar with the life of an Emperor penguin. If not, then here it is...


Each winter, the Emperor penguins all make the same arduous 120 km trek to their breeding ground. The life long partners find each other amongst the sea of 59,000 other penguins. After mating, the female penguin takes 9 weeks to lay her egg - without eating. When she finally produces an egg, as you can imagine she is pretty hungry! So its time for the male to take over.


She carefully passes her egg across to her partners feet, and heads off back to the ocean to feed. The male penguin then incubates the egg for a further 2 months!  With temperatures as low as −40 °C it literally is a life or death situation - for both the male penguin and the egg sat on his feet.


So the male penguins huddle together in a giant group - each taking it in turns to be in the middle, shuffling around every few hours. Taking the temperature of the collection of penguins to over +30 °C.


Which leads us on to why Waddle... That huddle of penguins is called a Waddle!


That's why we decided to use the friendly, loyal penguin as the mascot and face of our insurance company. The similarity in its approach to the collective creating stronger protection for everyone within, protecting what’s important to them.


Our aim is to give you one solution to have all your insurance policies in one ‘Waddle’ just like our friendly penguin mascots, thus ensuring the most comprehensive protection for you, your family and your business, but also keeping the price extremely competitive.


By combining as many policies as possible using our unique Waddle approach, we are able to use multi policy discounts with our relationships with all of the UK’s leading insurance providers to ensure you receive the highest quality of insurance cover for the most competitive price on the market.


The more policies you put into your Waddle the more savings you make… protecting what's important to you.

Collective Protection
Collective Protection
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